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earthquake2019-09-19   19:10:16.234min ago300mb5.0 MOLUCCA SEA
 218 km Bitung
 240 km Manado
earthquake2019-09-19   18:42:27.61hr 01min ago2ML2.3 ARMENIA
  15 km Amasia
  31 km Gyumri
earthquake2019-09-19   18:33:18.31hr 11min ago10mb4.5 IONIAN SEA
  21 km Lithakiá
  31 km Zákynthos
earthquake2019-09-19   18:12:26.31hr 31min ago10ML2.3 OKLAHOMA
  16 km Sulphur
 133 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2019-09-19   17:55:15.01hr 49min ago5 M4.5 NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR
  21 km Salinas
 128 km Guayaquil
earthquake2019-09-19   17:28:06.32hr 16min ago77mb4.5 TIMOR REGION
  58 km Kefamenanu
 130 km Kupang
earthquake2019-09-19   17:07:55.72hr 36min ago114ML2.4 CENTRAL ALASKA
 128 km Healy
 187 km Palmer
earthquake2019-09-19   16:51:11.82hr 53min ago9Md2.3 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
  11 km Walnut Grove
  27 km Sacramento
earthquake2019-09-19   16:45:49.32hr 58min ago33Md2.0 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
   9 km Pāhala
  65 km Hilo
earthquake2019-09-19   16:43:38.03hr 00min ago31 M3.6 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC REGION
  40 km Nagua
 119 km Santiago de los Caballeros
earthquake2019-09-19   16:02:33.43hr 41min ago60mb5.1 TONGA REGION
 193 km ‘Ohonua
 213 km Nuku‘alofa
earthquake2019-09-19   15:42:11.54hr 02min ago12ML2.7 WESTERN AUSTRALIA
 103 km Wongan Hills
 240 km Perth
earthquake2019-09-19   15:26:45.84hr 17min ago2ML2.7 WESTERN TURKEY
  13 km Dazkırı
  48 km Burdur
earthquake2019-09-19   15:04:22.04hr 40min ago17ML2.7 SOUTHERN ITALY
  35 km Campobasso
 197 km Roma
earthquake2019-09-19   15:01:05.04hr 43min ago0ML2.4 ALASKA PENINSULA
 170 km Dillingham
 212 km Kodiak
earthquake2019-09-19   14:49:11.14hr 55min ago14ml3.6 SOUTH OF ALASKA
 243 km Kodiak Station
 251 km Kodiak
earthquake2019-09-19   14:34:54.45hr 09min ago0ML3.5 ALASKA PENINSULA
 167 km Dillingham
 215 km Kodiak
earthquake2019-09-19   14:31:59.85hr 12min ago19ML2.6 WESTERN AUSTRALIA
  31 km Narrogin
 185 km Perth
earthquake2019-09-19   14:29:59.65hr 14min ago3Ml2.2 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  19 km Boron
 107 km San Bernardino
earthquake2019-09-19   14:09:05.05hr 35min ago46ML3.7 OFFSHORE ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
  69 km Taltal
 162 km Copiapó
earthquake2019-09-19   14:07:19.05hr 37min ago122ML3.1 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
  82 km Calama
 247 km Iquique
earthquake2019-09-19   14:03:14.55hr 41min ago10ML2.8 WESTERN AUSTRALIA
 213 km Broome
 963 km Kupang
earthquake2019-09-19   13:53:52.85hr 50min ago8ML3.4 SOUTHEASTERN ALASKA
 217 km Haines Junction
 343 km Whitehorse
earthquake2019-09-19   13:52:03.15hr 52min ago530mb4.5 SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
1390 km Apia
 655 km Suva
earthquake2019-09-19   13:36:30.06hr 07min ago36 M3.5 NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA
  72 km Masachapa
  92 km León
earthquake2019-09-19   13:17:03.06hr 27min ago10ML3.2 WESTERN AUSTRALIA
 214 km Broome
 978 km Kupang
earthquake2019-09-19   13:16:31.06hr 27min ago49ML3.3 COQUIMBO, CHILE
  39 km Illapel
 169 km Valparaíso
earthquake2019-09-19   12:56:29.06hr 47min ago130ML3.1 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
 149 km Calama
 192 km Iquique
earthquake2019-09-19   12:49:53.26hr 54min ago3ML2.2 OKLAHOMA
  14 km Kingfisher
  66 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2019-09-19   12:38:43.07hr 05min ago16 M4.4 SOUTH OF BALI, INDONESIA
 198 km Jimbaran
 213 km Denpasar
earthquake2019-09-19   12:29:24.07hr 14min ago10 M3.5 NEUQUEN, ARGENTINA
  68 km Añelo
 153 km Neuquén
earthquake2019-09-19   12:21:39.57hr 22min ago8ML2.2 OKLAHOMA
  22 km Healdton
  41 km Pauls Valley
earthquake2019-09-19   12:06:32.67hr 37min ago2ML3.2 BLACK SEA, OFFSHORE GEORGIA
  48 km P’ot’i
  67 km Bat’umi
earthquake2019-09-19   11:59:43.87hr 44min ago4ML2.1 OKLAHOMA
  15 km Kingfisher
  66 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2019-09-19   11:49:59.07hr 54min ago13ML2.5 SPAIN
  12 km El Saucejo
  75 km Sevilla
earthquake2019-09-19   11:22:47.18hr 21min ago7ML2.0 WESTERN TURKEY
  22 km Demirci
  73 km Balıkesir
earthquake2019-09-19   11:19:00.08hr 25min ago10 M3.2 NORTHERN ALGERIA
  10 km ’Aïn el Turk
  22 km Oran
earthquake2019-09-19   11:09:18.78hr 35min ago10ML3.4 EASTERN TURKEY
  28 km Van
 185 km Yerevan
earthquake2019-09-19   10:46:07.98hr 58min ago7Md2.2 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
  20 km Volcano
  52 km Hilo
earthquake2019-09-19   10:38:04.99hr 06min ago7ML2.0 EASTERN TURKEY
  20 km Mazıdağı
  40 km Mardin
earthquake2019-09-19   10:32:04.29hr 12min ago520mb4.8 BANDA SEA
2111 km Jakarta
1709 km Bandar Seri Begawan
earthquake2019-09-19   10:27:23.99hr 16min ago11Md2.9 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
  16 km Mammoth Lakes
 103 km Mariposa
earthquake2019-09-19   10:10:35.59hr 33min ago7ML2.2 OKLAHOMA
   4 km Minco
  25 km Chickasha
earthquake2019-09-19   10:08:03.99hr 36min ago3Ml2.3 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  17 km Salton City
  66 km El Centro
earthquake2019-09-19   10:00:49.99hr 43min ago7ML2.1 EASTERN TURKEY
  19 km İliç
  76 km Erzincan
earthquake2019-09-19   09:59:46.69hr 44min ago3Mw3.6 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  17 km Salton City
  66 km El Centro
earthquake2019-09-19   09:54:14.09hr 50min ago37Mw4.3 OFFSHORE ATACAMA, CHILE
  76 km Copiapó
 696 km Santiago
earthquake2019-09-19   09:44:06.510hr 00min ago-1ML1.7 SWITZERLAND
   2 km Villigen
   7 km Brugg
earthquake2019-09-19   09:42:57.010hr 01min ago131ML4.3 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
  62 km Calama
 238 km Iquique
earthquake2019-09-19   09:39:56.010hr 04min ago15Md2.6 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
   2 km Ferndale
  28 km Eureka
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world