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Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Dist to Epi: 236 km
"The earthquake was so intense we felt like it's like turkey's earthquake as we saw it in videos our smart phone sensors showed up about 7.7 and we felt also that it maybe more than 6."
Dist to Epi: 245 km
"Continued for 87 seconds "
Dist to Epi: 328 km
Islamabad, Pakistan
Dist to Epi: 346 km
"Felt in wah cantt area"
Dist to Epi: 363 km
"One of the buildings in capital of Pakistan islamabad. The residents were barred from going inside."
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Dist to Epi: 379 km
Srinagar, India
Dist to Epi: 438 km
Srinagar, India
Dist to Epi: 439 km
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Dist to Epi: 501 km
Yangi-Nishon Shahri, Uzbekistan
Dist to Epi: 505 km
"Quite scary, it is uncommon tonhave such earthquake in Karshi, Uzbekistan"
Qarshi, Uzbekistan
Dist to Epi: 529 km
"Qashqadaryo "
Lahore, Pakistan
Dist to Epi: 641 km
"It was an alarming earthquake. Prayers for all"
Shymkent, Kazakhstan
Dist to Epi: 665 km
"Шымкент, шатало двери и трясло стены"
Pattoki, Pakistan
Dist to Epi: 677 km
"Extremely shaking "
Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Dist to Epi: 678 km
Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Dist to Epi: 680 km
Phagwāra, India
Dist to Epi: 735 km
Turkestan, Kazakhstan
Dist to Epi: 789 km
Kharar, India
Dist to Epi: 823 km
New Delhi, India
Dist to Epi: 1,050 km
"Perceptible shaking. Fan and objects on higher floors of building slowly oscillating. "
Gurgaon, India
Dist to Epi: 1,058 km
Dharuhera, India
Dist to Epi: 1,070 km
"Just see the fans.. It was shaking very badly here in dharuhera near gurgaon.. we were on 11th floor and we just ran using staircase.. thank God all are safe.. "
Dhāruhera, India
Dist to Epi: 1,070 km
"This was really shaky.. "
Greater Noida, India
Dist to Epi: 1,084 km
"In Greater noida, NCR, Delhi almost for 1 min. Badly experienced."